Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BOO! You up for the ALONE challenge?

Guess what, youngins?  It's almost Halloween again, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to get wicked scurred. This year, Origami's selling tickets to Alonethe premier haunted house experience in all of Los Angeles.  

"What makes it so terrifying?" you might ask.  Well to answer your question, we'll let the evil masterminds behind Alone take it from here:

"This Halloween, Downtown Los Angeles will become home to one of the most unnerving psychological experiences the city has ever seen.

ALONE is one part interactive theater, one part psychological haunting where you become a part of your own nightmare. It's a thirty minute walkthrough experience, which each participant must do on their own, with no friend to cling to and with only a flashlight to hold. Unlike a traditional haunted house, there is no gore, no chainsaws and no pretense that you might be killed by a deranged clown.  It's only you, in the dark, with us.  Each participant will move and be moved through darkened hallways and rooms, weaving below a fraternal order temple erected for the Odd Fellows in 1942.  You will be dislocated, disoriented and disturbed. 
We are the dark. We are the space. We are the nightmare. 
Downtown Los Angeles - October 24th - November 2nd, 2013"

For additional info, be sure to check out their site,, and we'll see you ghouls there!

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