Friday, October 18, 2013


Look at all the USED!

Bob Marley - Exodus (USED-VG)
Chumbawamba - Shhh (USED-FAIR)
Chumbawamba - Slap! (USED-GOOD)
David Bowie - Lodger (USED-FAIR)
David Bowie - Young Americans (USED-GOOD)
Freshly Wrapped Candies - I Like You (USED-GOOD)
Kraftwerk - The Man-Machine (USED-VG)
Magma - Inedits (USED-VG)
Meat Puppets - S/T (2nd pressing) (USED-VG)
Meat Puppets - Up On The Sun (USED-VG)
Status Quo - Messages From The Status Quo (USED-GOOD)
The Cure - The Top (USED-GOOD)
The Ex + Tom Cora - Scrabbling at the Lock (USED-GOOD)

V/A - Black Rock 'N' Roll Volume Two (USED-GOOD)

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