Saturday, July 19, 2014


Joyce Manor has decided to premier their third studio album, Never Hungover Againright here in Origami at 3pm!

This is their first release off of Epitaph and check it out, the album doesn’t even actually come out until the 22nd, but we’re gonna have the band in-store TODAY to listen to the record and hang with us (and you!). That's tight, right? That's tight. Plus, you can totally pre-order it.

Never Hungover Again falls on the pop side of punk, and intentionally so. According to an interview with guitarist/vocalist Barry Johnson, Joyce Manor has been in a perennial dialectic struggle between their pop-punk and hardcore sensibilities. Johnson claims, "The first thing we did was pop-punk wanting to be hardcore, and we succeeded. That gave us the confidence to focus on more pop stuff, which we wouldn't have had the confidence to do before..." And confidence is exactly what the band (Johnson particularly) need when writing and developing the album's more personal content - a task that the band's pop influences take care of. According to Johnson, the genre of "harcore" displays its limitations when it comes to communication. In his words,"you just need something that communicates complicated emotion and melody can do that." That being said, there are many a moment in this record where Johnson's hardcore vocals certainly take control.

Ps. There may be special donuts (by our good pals Donut Friend) beverages and free tickets to their show at the Fonda to be had.

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