Wednesday, July 30, 2014

OV PRESENTS: Aan @ The Satellite TONIGHT!

Here at Origami, we pick up those mid-week pick-me-ups like no one’s business. Help us help you, yknow? Word.

Perfect example: Along with our buds at Buzzbands.LA, Origami is presenting Aan at the Satellite TONIGHT @ 9pm! They’ll be joined by StaG and Habits!

Check it out: Portland-based Aan have been doing their thing since 2008 when frontperson, Bud Wilson gathered himself in musical bits and pieces into the makings of a raucous solo project. However, it wasn’t long before the project needed to expand into the dimensions of a full and developed band, currently consisting of a 4-piece with two guitars, bass, drums and synth (Jon Lewis, Jeff Bond and Reese Lawhon).

The band’s experimental pop debut, Amor Ad Nauseum, off of the imprint label, Party Damage, was recorded over a period of two years and several locations. According to an interview with Wilson, the album’s genesis took place in a cabin at the Oregon coast – a fitting setting, sure to have influenced the lush pop soundscapes in Amor Ad Nauseum. After that initial framework, Wilson claims he took the “next 2 years [and] tracked everything else in multiple studios around Portland. It was basically Jeff Bond the producer and I tweaking everything and experimenting with reverbs, EQs and other studio tricks.”

PS. If you’ve seen the album artwork…you should know some things: Her name is Mya and she’s ok (the pic was snapped mid-treatment).

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