Saturday, July 19, 2014


Come by tonight at 7PM to see Guides in the loft!

LA-based experimental rock trio Guides, begin their latest tour on the heels of there self-titled debut release, a 3-song 7'' that gives a short, yet powerful taste of what is to come from this rock trio. With vague melodies and distorted guitars, Guides create an immense wave of sound, unique enough to captivate any audience. Frontman Chris Cogswell, backed by bassist Be Hussey and drummer Jayson Larson give a new and exciting spin on a classic shoegaze sound, while experimenting with song form, and instrumental textures, likely to make you leave the show with your mind blown! Check out the Facebook event page HERE.

The show starts at 7PM, but if your in the mood to get a sneak preview check out Guides' epic song "Careful, I Was Every Sin" below! Hope to see you there!

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