Monday, July 14, 2014

OV WEEKLY: This Week Is A Big Ball Of Fuzzy Wonderfulness!

It's true. Once you get past our tough-guy exterior, OV just loves puppies. We think it's a decent store philosophy. Enjoy the weekly below like you would a fluffy Golden or a silly looking Pug. 

Monday, July 14th
Corners Residency @ The Echo!

Now that all that nasty June Gloom has passed, it's high time July kicked into full gear! To help get the summer going, The Echo has recruited L.A locals Corners to get your beach towel out and get them beach-punk feet moving! Lolipoppers and garage maniacs through and through, Corners bring, raw licks, lo-fi production and general troublemaking with each hi-hat smash and wall of reverb. It's perfect for some sweaty July nights and we hope to catch you in the fray every Monday night! See you soon!

Tuesday, July 15th
This Week's New Releases Will Not Chew Holes In Your Socks!

As always, OV's got the hookup on the new release side, looking ahead, looking behind, generally keeping an eye out for ya dude. This week, we've got our Joyce Manor pre-order (check out the premiere party this Saturday!), new stuff from Liars & Anna Calvi, plus an awesome couple of reissues we'll keep a secret for now. If you wanna catch 'em all, check the blog Tuesday morning and get your hands on some shiny new vinyl!

Once you've got all the LP goodies you can handle, come on down to El Prado tonight for Record Club! As a special treat, tonight's edition of Record Club is co-sponsored by the confectionary geniuses over at Donut Friend! Mashing together the best of 90s alt-rock and stupidly good donuts, these Highland Park homies will be helping OV curate the evening's entertainment and will have plenty of surprises coming your way. It's gonna be the greatest combination of circular objects with holes in the middle you've ever seen! Check the blog for future deets!

Thursday, July 17th
Ryley Walker Premiere Party @ 7PM!

Coming all the way from Chicago, singer/songwriter Ryley Walker is currently touring on the release of his newest album All Kinds of You and will be performing at OV tonight! Armed with his guitar, Walker brings an incredible energy with his unique twist on folk music and elaborate fingerpicking that's sure to make you're jaw drop to the floor. So come hang out, have some pizza and dranks, and enjoy the album in the shop with Ryley Walker himself, who will be stopping by before his show later at The Echo!

Friday, July 18th
OV Presents The Times w/ Chris Ziegler & Neil Schield TONIGHT @ Ace Hotel!

Even though Neil has like, totally abandoned us, we still think he's pretty cool. One of the cool things he does is curate a weekly vinyl DJ extravaganza Upstairs @ The Ace Hotel featuring Chris Ziegler, DJ Soft Touch, Frosty, Mukta Mohan, Nick Waterhouse, Steve Harrington, The Gaslamp Killer and himself! It's a awesome night of music and partying and if you're looking to get your rooftop bar on this Friday then look no further! Tonight's wax spinners are Chris Ziegler and Neil Schield! See you there!

Saturday, July 19th
Joyce Manor Album Premiere Party @ 3PM! Guides In-Store @ 7PM!

Oh man. You know we love Joyce. OV buds, alums and just about our favorite people, we are so, so excited to premiere their newest album Never Hungover Again today at 3PM! While 2012's Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired might have hinted at the depth of sounds Joyce was playing with, nothing really can prepare you for Never Hungover Again. Taking a new shining to Brit-pop guitars and Smiths jangle, this Torrance group's newest LP explores pop-punk from top to bottom, bringing together the stupidly catchy riffs of Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired with the raggedly repeatable choruses of their self-titled to make an LP for the masses. We absolutely adore it and hope you'll stop by to join us for a night of Joyce awesomeness! Speaking of awesomeness, there might just be a surprise coming your way as well. But you donut hear it from us..

To top off the night, stick around for an awesome in-store performance from Guides! An LA-based experimental rock trio, Guides are fresh off the heels of their debut release, a 3-song 7'' that gives a short, yet powerful taste of what is to come from this rock trio. With vague melodies and distorted guitars, Guides create an immense wave of sound, unique enough to captivate any audience and likely to leave you with your mind blown! So come on down to OV for a new music marathon!

Giveaways This Week!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Troubadour 8/7 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of CYHSY's newest LP Only Run!

Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for future giveaways!

Now that we've planned your week, I'm off to Canada for a bit. I'll send a postcard.

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