Saturday, July 12, 2014


Come through tonight a 7PM to see Greys in the loft!

Strap your shoelaces tight and get ready for a raucous night of grungey punk rock with Greys! Coming all the way from our favorite neighbors to the north (Canada) Greys is touring on the release of their new album "If Anything" off of Buzz and Carpark Records and it kicks some serious butt. Self described as "loud rock" these guys sound like a mix between The Ramones and Wavves putting new-age twist on the classic punk rock sound with distorted guitars, shouting vocals, and catchy riffs that are sure to get you jumping all over the place.

So come on down and support these Canadian rockers! If you can't wait until tonight to rock out, check out there track Guy Picciotto of their new album "If Anything" below.

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