Sunday, July 6, 2014


Come by tonight at 5PM for Amen Dunes in the loft!

Damon McMahon, the New York-based brain behind Amen Dunes has been playing out material from his newest LP, Love, off of Sacred Bones Records. For those astrologically inclined, McMahon says Love is “very virgo.” I can dig it. Just when you think you can label the album a chill, folk record, MacMahon throws sparse piano ballads (“Sixteen”) and lo-fi, post-punk chuggers (“I Can’t Dig It”) at you. What really gets you is McMahon’s water-based vocal; shifting from shivering icicles of vibrato into thick, clear melodic streams. Also, shouts-out to contributions on the album by peeps from Iceage, Colin Stetson and even Godspeedyou!’s Sophie Trudeau!

A dude with a voice and songs as darn purty as his - we’re just dying to show him off here in the store. So come on by!

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