Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Eric D. Johnson Takes Over Record Club 7/22!

Tonight at Record Club we're going to have special guest Eric D. Johnson, who will be hanging out with us and premiering his new album, which won't be released until August 5th! What's more exciting than an exclusive sneak peek?!

Eric D. Johnson, frontman of The Fruit Bats and frequent collaborator with The Shins, is coming out with his first solo record, EDJ, through Easy Sound. Featuring a number of deeply personal songs, Johnson wanted to make an album for himself. With beautifully cryptic and metaphoric lyrics Johnson creates a folky dreamscape with crooning guitars and floaty vocal melodies, that command attention and pack a punch with a quiet intenstity. Whether its a "melancholy groove" or an "existential make out song" theres something for everyone to connect with on this new record and to make a long story short, its going to be AWESOME and I can't wait to listen to it at Record Club!

Not only are we going to be listening to the new album, but you're also going to have a chance to purchase it before its released! Check out his song "Lose It All, All The Time" from his new album EDJ below. The tunes start at 9PM at El Prado. See you there...


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