Friday, July 25, 2014

IN-STORE: The Spencer Owen Timeshare TONIGHT @ 7PM!

Oakland musical experimentalist, Spencer Owen is trolling the west coast, touring material from his latest release, Blue Circle, and here he comes with his band, the Timeshare to our loft!

Blue Circle (Owen’s ninth record- primarily a collection of revamped demo tracks) listens like an indie pop release but with added sonic eccentricities and genre bends that place it firmly in the fringes amongst art pop. Owen’s vocals rest primarily in quivering tenor heights - sometimes delicate (a la Owen Pallett), sometimes with snarl and sass, other times with soulful falsetto.

Owen spent his first nine years of semi-professional musicianship as a solo artist, playing his heart out to his own musical beats and backings provided via iPod, fondly dubbed, “the Karaoke Machine.” The addition of a band certainly works in his favor. The bass is particularly fat throughout the record (see, “It Work” and the reggae influenced “Factory Message”) and the drum-tracks, whether canned or live, hold it all down pat (“Thomas Curse”). So come check out the Spencer Owen Timeshare when they take roost here in OV at 7pm!

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