Monday, July 28, 2014

OV WEEKLY: Cool As The Other Side Of The Pillow

While the heat is winding down in L.A, we could still go for a nice cold jump into water. So send all pool party invites our way ASAP. Thanks!

Monday, July 28th
Corners Residency @ The Echo! LA Font Residency @ The Satellite!

Now that all that nasty June Gloom has passed, it's high time July kicked into full gear! To help get the summer going, The Echo has recruited L.A locals Corners to get your beach towel out and get them beach-punk feet moving! Lolipoppers and garage maniacs through and through, Corners bring, raw licks, lo-fi production and general troublemaking with each hi-hat smash and wall of reverb. It's perfect for some sweaty July nights and we hope to catch you in the fray every Monday night! Plus, former OV babe Bennett's band DEBT will be there too! What a night!

But one awesome L.A band isn't enough! Luckily enough, The Satellite just enlisted OV buds LA Font for a residency to close out July! With anthem-like songs and raw energy LA Font is sure to kick start your week and give you a reason to be excited about your Monday. Whether you're in the mood to just chill and listen to some live music at an awesome LA spot, or rock out with these local heroes, mosey on down to The Satellite for a guaranteed good time!

Tuesday, July 29th
Spoon 10" Pre-Order Round 2 Starts TOMORROW! Record Club LA! Super Secret Giveaway!

Not gonna lie, Spoon's first three singles for their newest LP, They Want My Soul, might be some of our favorite songs this year. "Rent I Pay" stomps, "Inside Out" glimmers and "Do You" slinks about like only the best Spoon pop songs can. It's a resounding opening to what is sure to be one of our favorite albums of the year and we are so stoked to have all three again on an exclusive 10" release! After selling out last week, OV managed to grab another bunch of these super limited EPs and will be bundling them as part of our pre-order for They Want My Soul tomorrow morning! Given the limited run and quality of these songs, we highly, highly suggest you get your hands on it in-store Wednesday morning!

While we're talking about Spoon, we sure would like to hear that 10", so you better bring it on down to El Prado tonight for Record Club!

Speaking of awesome indie rock mainstays, The Hold Steady are playing the El Rey Tuesday night and we want you to go! Just tweet @OrigamiVinyl your pick for the most "solid" Hold Steady track and you'll be entered to win! The contest ends tonight, so get to posting!

Wednesday, July 30th
An OV Presents Double-Header!

Yeah you read that right, tonight OV's taking over L.A with TWO awesome local shows! Check 'em both out if you dare!

First up, OV is proud to present Aan @ The Satellite!

Portland-based Aan have been doing their thing since 2008 when frontperson Bud Wilson gathered himself in musical bits and pieces into the makings of a raucous solo project. However, it wasn’t long before the project needed to expand into the dimensions of a full band, currently consisting of a 4-piece with two guitars, bass, drums and synth (Jon Lewis, Jeff Bond and Reese Lawhon). Earlier this year, the band released their debut, Amor Ad Nauseum, off of Party Damage, filling the LP's 9 tracks with multiple veins of experimental pop both jagged and dreamy. Tying together the album, Bud Wilson's exploration of love's power and impossibilities pushes Amor Ad Nauseum over the edge and into every listener's consciousness. It's a powerful record from a powerful band, and we fully encourage your attendance when Aan take over The Satellite tonight at 9PM!

If Aan ain't your thing, The Parlour Suite and My Hawaii are playing Downstairs At Fifty Seven tonight!

Pop music today takes many shapes and forms, and Minnesota-based band The Parlour Suite is a good example of a group that has taken pop music to a new and interesting place. With familiar knocking kick drums and catchy hooks, The Parlour Suite brings a psychedelic and spacious element to their danceable songs with droning guitars and trippy synths. The catchy music serves as the perfect backdrop for singer Inga Roberts to assert her sweet yet powerful voice.

Alongside The Parlour Suite, My Hawaii are what happens when you put together classic indie rock sound with a bunch of obscure instruments, toy-like percussion, and synthesizers. Light, floaty, and rich with harmony, My Hawaii are guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

We dig 'em both, so we better see you tonight at 9PM!

Friday, August 1st
Dead Dawn In-Store @ 7PM!

You feel that? Dead Dawn are coming like a cold sweat to our loft for an in-store performance tonight at 7PM! Said to have been birthed in an old house in Echo Park back in the summer of 2010, Dead Dawn create heavy, dusk laden sounds that rock as much as the creep. In songs like “The Woods,” “No Easy Way Out of Hollywood,” and “Dear Papi,” the verses brood and bide with Fawn’s fragmented chords plucked listlessly beneath vocalist China Morbosa’s chilled, monotone mantras. The deliberate, glowering vocals make for sturdy melodies, occasionally cracking (never fracturing) into salvos of barks (“Circus Song”) and howls (“The Howling”). Sounds fun doesn't it?

Saturday, August 2nd
The Deadfly Ensemble In-Store @ 7PM!

Throw on some eyeliner and get ready for a night of gothic punk with Los Angeles natives The Deadfly Ensemble, who just released their newest single "Poison! Poison! Poison!". Led by vocalist/ guitarist/ comedian/ performance-artist Lucas Lanthier, the group is part band and part theatrical troupe known for it's ever-changing and unique live show experience. With acoustic and electric guitars, synths, basses, percussion, and cello, The Deadfly Ensemble mashes together folk and post-punk in a style reminiscent of neo-folk bands like Death in June and Sol Invictus. No two shows are alike so don't miss this one! Its going to be awesome!

Sunday, August 3rd
Spoon's They Want My Soul Album Premiere Party @ 3PM!

As you've already read, we're pretty damn excited about Spoon's new LP They Want My Soul. This excitement culminates when we spin They Want My Soul for the first time in our shop this Sunday! Premiering before its release day August 5th, OV will be shuffling and rocking like nobody's business and we want you there to dance with us! While you groove, enjoy some pizza and bevvies on us -- but please try not and shimmy and eat at the same time! Also also, we've got some sweet posters and a super limited test press to raffle away! All in all, it's a perfect end to your week at OV!

Giveaways This Week!
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Troubadour 8/7 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of CYHSY's newest LP Only Run!

Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for future giveaways!

Now that we've planned your week, make sure your cat gets some loving during these dog days of summer!

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