Wednesday, November 2, 2011

IN-STORE TONIGHT! Hacienda @ 7pm and Youth Lagoon @ 8pm

Hacienda is the first band for the night, playing at 7 pm here in the lovely Origami loft.

Hacienda has been getting a lot of buzz in the Texas music scene and beyond. Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys got a hold of this band's demos and their lives were instantly changed. They previously toured with The Black Keys and Dr. Dog, but lately they have been recording at Dan's studios in Ohio for their upcoming release. They will be bringing in test pressings of their 7" record, "Savage" for everyone who attends the in-store. As well as doing some other rad giveaways. This show will be one sure to uplift and enlighten. Come in at 7 pm, don't miss them!

Youth Lagoon will go on at 8 pm. It is sure to be packed, so make sure you get here early to make it into the store. If not you may have to watch from the curb!

What more can we say about Trevor Powers? He is very introspective, likes to record songs in his bedroom, has just recently quit his job at Urban Outfitters, and dropped out of school. This guy is twenty-two years old and is already turning into an instant indie-rock celebrity. Go on any of the Pitchforks and Spins of this world and you will find something about Trevor. But its not all just hype, Youth Lagoon is really a wonderful project and the album "The Year of Hibernation" is a completely entertaining listen.

The songs on "The Year of Hibernation" sound like innocent melodic ballads, but have a haunting twist. This is the perfect record to put on when you want to listen to something that will chill you out, but not bore you for a minute. We really think this project is going in a positive direction. Make sure you come into this in-store, buy the record, and meet Trevor.

Youth Lagoon - 17 (Unofficial Video) from Michelle Peña on Vimeo.

Youth Lagoon - Bobby by overmuziek

Oh! and don't forget to supply us with a hefty round of high fives.

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