Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ White Murder @ 7pm

White Murder is a local Los Angeles with punker Siamese twin singers Hannah Blumenfield and Mary Animal and a backing band to match their steez. 5 months back they made their first attempt at a show in San Pedro that ended being drenched in beer and the twins stuffed themselves into trashcans. We like their style and we think you will too.

Their debut release is a 7" called "Harold's Place" and will be on sale at this live in-store. We liked what they had to say about their sound and stage presence: "Much like the Germs proved on GI that they could not only take a live audience to oblivion and back but also could actually play their instruments and have a (gulp!) legitimate pop sensibility, White Murder shall leave no mind wondering when they needle hits the groove. On stage they are Bikini Kill backed by the Dead Boys, on record they are The Go Go's re-mixed by Slash Records, spit-shined with a greasy rage till the dust never settles again." So come on in and see these guys! It will definitely be great!

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