Friday, November 18, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ United Ghosts @ 7pm

Tonight we get to hear the musical stylings of Los Angeles locals, United Ghosts. You know when two people meet and it seems to just work? Well, that is what it was for Axel and Sha of United Ghosts. The first couple times the two met in Axel's Silverlake garage studio the two didn't even know each other's last names, but knew that they liked to make music together. With the addition of a guitarist the band is set to start making moves.

The group's first release is the 7" called "Holes Into the Night", which will be available for you guys to purchase tonight! You will hear what the band calls "shoegazy alt-rock, lo-fi electronica and soundscape-driven psychedelia." It sounds like being in a dream where you are able to fly through the galaxies. Come by tonight to experience this local band in full force, and say hi to your friends at Origami Vinyl!

United Ghosts - Holes into the Night (single edit) by United Ghosts

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