Saturday, November 5, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ VUM @ 7pm

Los Angeles based duo, VUM, will be coming in to promote their sophomore album, "Night Sun". After getting married, Christopher and Jennifer started to record this album to follow in the footsteps of their first album, "Strange Attractor". The album is out on Secret Lodge Recordings and can be bought in store as well as on the band's bandcamp.

VUM will provide psychedelic drones with haunting vocals, and every once in a while they may even throw in a gong. Backed by reverbed guitar riffs, etherial organ sounds, and constant hits of a tambourine, the song "Strange God" exhibits a psychedelic glow of minimalistic proportions that even your grandma may appreciate. Come by for this in-store, and buy the record or you will miss out on awesomeness.

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