Friday, November 18, 2011

Video of Youth Lagoon at Origami Vinyl by OnTheRecord.TV

OTRtv: Youth Lagoon - Cannons; Live @ Origami Vinyl from on Vimeo.

Two weeks ago, Trevor Powers came through L.A. on the second night of his cross-country tour in support of his band Youth Lagoon, playing to a sold-out crowd at The Echo in Echo Park. Before the show, Trevor walked down two storefronts on Sunset Blvd. and into Origami Vinyl to play a short set of songs in front of a decidedly smaller (yet-still-crazy-packed) house.

His debut album out on Fat Possum Records, The Year in Hibernation landed on Pitchfork’s “Best New Music” and we can easily hear why. Described by Trevor as an outlet for fears and emotions he couldn’t otherwise express, Youth Lagoon’s first record is an at-times haunting, always gorgeous collection of tracks.

There was some question among those of us filming as to what his voice would sound like without the reverb and lo-fi production found on the record. Any doubts were completely smashed by what turned to be one of the most searing performances we’ve seen in the loft. Trevor’s got pipes, yo. Just saying.

Thanks so much to OnTheRecord.TV for coming in and making a killer video of this in-store!

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