Thursday, November 10, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Pree @ 7pm

Coming in from Washington, DC is Pree, performing at 7 pm. May Tabol, previously from Le Loup, started recording with some of her friends from home. Pree has formed into a four-piece of folk instrumentation with electric and digital elements. The sound is characterized by layered melodies, contagious energy, and pop vocals that you will surely enjoy.

We liked what their myspace had to say about their new record "Folly", so here it is:
"Folly was written and recorded over the course of several heat waves and snow storms by May and her cohorts in a rotating cast of bedrooms, basements, and attics across the District, bearing witness to two foreclosures, a bit of squatting, a larger bit of eviction, and a subsequent life shuffle that would rival that of a wind-addled gypsy moth. The patchwork, guerrilla style of recording which grew out of necessity ultimately served to instill a sense of tension throughout the record, leaving one hanging on despite the imminence of something so delicate falling apart." Come in at 7 pm tonight to see Pree perform, buy the record that took so much to make, and see our lovely faces.

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