Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Pyramid Vritra @ 7 pm

Hal Williams, half of the Jet Age Of Tomorrow, half of the Super 3, part Odd Future and part NRK, goes under the alias Pyramid Vritra. He has released 3 unfinished story albums for free: Elouise, The Story of Marsha Lotus, and Elenor. He is only 19 and already has a large back catalogue of production and releases. He started by posting songs he made in garageband on the Startrak and Neptunes forums.

Pyramid Vritra is coming in to promote his new album, "Pyramid". If you like rap on top of jazz beats, and electronic drones and woos then will surely love Hal's work as Pyramid Vritra. This might be the perfect music for you to zone out to in your bedroom, but at the same time you could completely rock out to this in your car. Come in tonight and support Hal by buying his new record!

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