Thursday, November 17, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Batwings Catwings @ 7pm

Batwings Catwings is a local LA band in the noise rock scene. Fronted by a badass girl singer, and backed by a bunch of party rockers. These guys are sure to bring a lot of energy, focused on the fun surf and skate culture of California with a twist from influences in black metal and goth culture. If you like noise rock and girl singers then you will love Batwings Catwings.

The band's most recent release is a 7" called "Radio" out on UK label Gravy Records. According to the tags on their band camp they are characterized as dance, electronic, punk, rock, sweat, Los Angeles. We think that this exactly explains the vibe you get when you hear Batwings Catwings. This recent release is a track that you can really dance to, with a definite punk vibe and strong vocals from front girl Dana. You will not want to miss this in-store performance. Come in at 7pm to hear these guys and dance with us!

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