Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Raw Geronimo @ 7pm!

Coming in to the loft is another local act, Raw Geronimo! The brain child of Laena Geronimo, started out in February 2011 by a collective of hyper talented musically obsessed friends, now have turned into a six-piece band. Citing obscenely vast influences from the smashing of rocks to Paganini violin solos. They enjoy sunset walks on the beach, needing out, and making people excited.

They will be coming in to promote the release of their 7" called "Faustine". Described on their myspace as jungle music, melodramatic popular songs, and post punk, we think these fit pretty well. Check the video below. Featuring dramatic vocals, and jungle beat drumming, as well as some strong tambourine and maracas shaking. Come in tonight and check these guys out!

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