Saturday, November 26, 2011

TODAY: In-Store w/ Crooked Fingers @ NOON!

Crooked Fingers is coming into the loft today at NOON! The band, coming in from North Carolina, features Eric Bachmann, previously of Archers of Loaf. Eric scoffed at the idea of releasing a new record, but lucky for us he went against his own wishes. Mostly because he was content from teaching English in Taipei, but not long after he got there he realized his desire to write music again.

Just recently released on Merge Records, Crooked Fingers new album "Breaks In The Armor" does not disappoint! This is the sixth full length album from Eric and follows along with the style from his previous releases. You will hear Eric's distinct folk vocals with soothing backing melodies. As you can tell from the titles below he likes to sing about natural disasters. Check out the tracks below, and come in for this awesome in-store. You folk lovers are gonna love this!

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