Sunday, November 20, 2011

TONIGHT: KXLU Presents Bikos @ 7pm!

Coming in tonight is local artist, Bikos! These guys started off in 2007 and have really started to get recognition for their unique sound. This band started playing out of the bedroom and garage of lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Gabe. Along the way they have added a full backing band even including someone who plays the glockenspiel. Sweet! They have an authentic sound created through the collaboration of each of the members.

This is the band's debut release called "Make Your Sound Sound". Bikos has a sound that sounds like sound. We really like the tracks "You Want It" and "Make Your Sound Sound" (both featured below). You will hear fuzzy guitar riffs, power pop girl/guy vocals and a solid dancing rhythm in each of their songs. You will not want to miss this in-store, and make sure you pick up these guys debut album to support the local scene!

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