Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gothic Tropic "Awesome Problems" Release Party 7pm!

Gothic Tropic's Awesome Problems EP is a tease, but like an insecure lover, I keep coming back for more. Four songs is not enough, I want more! This LA based trio, brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti (yes, she's from Rumspringa) have just released their Awesome Problems EP on vinyl via LA label New Professor Music so come celebrate with us tonight at 7pm as they playfully win over your psych-pop heart. The music scene in LA has been very good to us all lately, very proud of this expanding DIY community--but Gothic Tropic is a great addition that adds a bit of lo-fi jungle funk to a city that sometimes forgets it's okay to dance and let loose. With Cecilia Della Peruti on vocals/guitar/percussion, Daniel Denton on bass and Liv Marsico on drums, Gothic Tropic is easily becoming my new obsession. Still not sure if you want to come? This will do it, "This is the music in the background of a Tarantino film, or the same jams that make you think about the good times" (Stretch LA). See you tonight!

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