Friday, June 1, 2012

The Walkmen "Heaven" Listening Party 7pm on Monday!!

The Walkmen are one those rare bands that can consistently release solid albums--their latest release titled Heaven, is their seventh full-length album in 10 years and was just released on May 29 on Fat Possum Records. Heaven will be inside Origami Vinyl and Origami Vinyl will be in Heaven. Join us on Monday at 7pm as we listen to Heaven in it's entirety! Of course we will have some snacks for you and awesome giveaways! Ten years of producing solid music, The Walkmen, just simply make me happy that in a world of hype and fads, they can stay relevant while maintaining true to themselves. If you haven't heard of The Walkmen before, stop reading this and go listen. Or you can wait til Monday to hear Heaven, that's fine too as I know you will probably be like "hey I like this...I should go listen to their other seven albums." The Walkmen lead singer Hamilton Leithauser describes Heaven as the band hitting maturity and comfortable in its mastery. Guitarist Paul Maroon adds, “when you’re starting out, you’re sitting there trying to come up with a big idea, but after a while, you learn about the process of writing. You learn about your friends in the band and how they work best.” There is nothing wrong with maturity. See you in Heaven on Monday June 4 at 7pm!

Check out their website too: here

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