Sunday, June 10, 2012

TODAY: In-Store w/ Allen Clapp & His Orchestra + Corner Laughers & Hollyhocks 2pm!!!

What's better than a two for one deal? A three for one deal! Today at 2pm , Allen Clapp & His Orchestra, Corner Laughers & The Hollyhocks will be performing in-store! What a sweet deal. You might know Allen Clap from from The Orange Peels, but Allen has released solo music under the moniker Allen Clapp & His Orchestra since 1990. A great description under his bio goes, "I'll always love the Orange Peels, but this stunning body of new material is, to borrow an early album title from Ornette Coleman, something else. It sounds so right, like something he'd never have dared to do before. Just Allen wailing away in front of his keyboards, flying off to faraway horizons that even he never imagined possible. This is the music Allen Clapp was born to create. Welcome aboard and please keep those seatbelts buckled." One degree of separation later, The Corner Laughers latest album (2012), Poppy Seeds, is produced by Allen Clap and they are also label mates on Mystery Lawn Music! The Corner Laughers are gonna bring the "Heavenly vocals, jangly guitars, delicate ukes, a thunderous rhythm section and crystalline production" (yeah I totally got that from their Facebook page). Last but not least, The Hollyhocks are a four piece band that are just about to release their debut album, Understories, on June 9--on you guessed it, Mystery Lawn Music! With lyrics and lush instrumentation, The Hollyhocks are gonna be the cherry on top of this Sunday sundae! Don't miss out on the fun, see you at 2pm!

Allen Clap & His Orchestra:

The Corner Laughers:

The Hollyhocks:

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