Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TONIGHT: Everest "Ownerless" Listening Party 8pm!

Third time really is the charm. Care to know why? Here goes, OV has a listening party for Everest's third album, Ownerless on ATO Records. As is the norm, we'll be charming you by celebrating with giveaways, pizza, and beverages while we listen to the whole record. The record comes out June 26 too, making it an extra lucky day!

Anticipate Ownerless to sound "like a band functioning like an eight-armed groove machine—a vibe cultivated by the bands newfound sense of not giving a fuck (in the best way possible)." Sounds like the perfect auditory side dish to go with pizza.

The fun starts at 8pm!

But since you're so great, you can have a preview:

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