Friday, June 15, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Capgun Coup 7pm!!

Did you forget about the good ol' state of Nebraska? Well let Capgun Coup refresh your memory. Starting out of suburban boredom, how most great ideas are conceived, Capgun Coup were just a duo focused on making experimental white noise which then blossomed by added band members who now focus their energies on more of the indie-pop side of things. Capgun Coup’s current lineup consists of Martin, Elsasser, Jesse McKelvey, Will Humburg, and bassist Sean Pratt and debuted in 2007 with Brought to you by NebraskaFish and are now on their third LP. Join us tonight at 7pm as Capgun Coup take over the loft where "The result is music that is as much an homage to basement shows and house parties as it is to the indie pop tradition." See all you fine thangs later.

Check out their soundcloud:

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