Friday, June 29, 2012

CORRECTION TODAY: In-Store w/ Jonathan Richman @ 5 pm!! @ 5pm!! @ 5pm!!

Really great things come in pairs: twins, shoes, Jonathan Richman performances. Yeah, we said it. You can catch Jonathan Richman in-store at OV TODAY @ 3 pm before he plays the Echo later tonight!

Jonathan Richman has had a illustrious career. He has been pumping out records (good ones!) since 1976 and touring non-stop since his first band, The Modern Lovers, heavily influenced the punk and indie rock movements.

Vapor Records released Richman's latest album O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth in 2010. "Richman again shows himself to be an evolving artist whose ears are wide open to the language of the world" as the album displays his innovative songwriting ability and contributions from various musicians.

We are over the moon about this! Sean has been working on booking this in-store since the day we opened!

Listen here and get stoked for today!

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