Thursday, June 7, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ The Big Sleep 6:30pm!!

A three piece from Brooklyn showcases that sometimes less is more. Signed to French Kiss Records, Danny, Sonya, and Gabe are back with their new album Nature Experiments since 2008's Sleep Forever LP. Laying low sans pressure since some wild touring for the last album, guitarist/vocalist Danny Barria illustrates, “I wasn’t feeling rushed or pressured. I just wanted to write good songs" and that is exactly what happened. Drawing comparisons to Sonic Youth, The Big Sleep are gong to rock the loft tonight at 6:30! Their bio delves more into Nature Experiments, "Helped in part by a more collaborative creative process, Nature Experiments busts at the seams with restless rhythms and choppy power chords ("Ace"), venomous vocals and blown-out beats ("Meet Your Maker"), and effects pedals/synth pads that rub and ring out against some of the band's most climatic choruses yet ("Valentine," "Ghosts In Bodies," "Ladders"). And if you need a breather, there's always the psych-steeped balladry of "1001" and "Wood on the Water." Let's do some nature experiments tonight.

Check out the official music video for single Valentine:

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