Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TONIGHT: Mac McCaughan of Superchunk (Superchunk "This Summer" 7" Release Party) 7pm!

It's almost Summer!! Well since we live in LA it's kinda already Summer, so now everyone is going to be talking about what jam is their Summer anthem.Superchunk is super smart and decided to release a limited edition 7'' single with the A side titled "This Summer" and the B side is their take on Bananarama’s "Cruel Summer.” Mac McCaughan says, "I like “summer” songs. They could be about the actual season, or just be songs listened to most while doing things you do during the summer—taking a road trip, going to the coast, sitting outside on the roof or the porch or the beach or wherever...And since a new Superchunk album is a ways off, we thought a summer-themed single was at least pitching in a little bit for 2012." I mean starting Merge Records, releasing nine studio LP's, summer themed singles... can Superchunk get any more awesome?! In celebration of this new single, Mac will be performing an acoustic set in-store tonight at 7pm which is also the release date of This Summer! Join us as we kick off Summer, it's gonna be hawt.

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