Saturday, June 16, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Drug Cabin 7pm!!

Drug Cabin. Great band name, right? Well, a cool name isn't the only thing you should know about this LA band. Originally started as a solo project by Nathan Thelen, former member of Pretty Girls Make Graves and Moonrats, Drug Cabin's sound has progressed since their 2010 EP with the addition of Marcus Congleton, Ambulance LTD front man. Two parts great musicians + one part fuzzy folk sound with an underlying bouncy California summer crusin' vibe = the perfect recipe for a tag team indie duo. You know your ears wanna taste. 

Be ahead of the pack and see Drug Cabin at Origami tonight at 7pm, before their self-titled EP drops June 19 on 401K Music.

Prepare yourself with their track "Whatever Never"

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