Thursday, October 6, 2011

Culture Collide Day 1: Roll the Tanks + The Morning After Girls + Electra

• Kicking off our first day of Culture Collide at 3pm is The Morning After Girls.
Straight out of the depths of Australia comes this pop-psych trio ready to send you to heights. What heights? That's for you to decide. Nonetheless, you're gonna swoon!! Their latest album, out now on Xemu, is titled Alone...but these songs will hold you...caress you...warm you at night. Thrilling shit!! Check it out below.

• Later on, at 6:00pm, you'll get another glimpse of Electra. We have no doubt that these fantastic lads from Tel Aviv will be able to charm you with their raw, crunchy punk (à la The Clash) even while doing it stripped down on acoustics.

• Our last slot is sure to knock your socks off. Say hi to Roll The Tanks!!

Roll The Tanks are coming in to promote their new 7"called "Goodnight Jimmy Lee". Not only are these new tunes awesome, but they come equipped in a birthday cake scented scratch n' sniff jacket. SWEET! When listening to Roll the Tanks you will hear guitar heavy rock n roll tracks that all of you punkers and metal heads will love. Make sure you come out to see them at 7pm at our loft!

What a wonderful start to a 3-day fantastical adventure of music from all over the world. Don't miss a minute of it!!

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