Friday, October 14, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Aan @ 7pm

Coming from Portland, Aan started off as a one-man band. Bud Wilson has been recording music out of his home since 2006 under the moniker "Amor Ad Nauseum." Looking for more sound, he started working with Reese and Mica. With their first official release being put out on Portland-based label, Infinite Front, they are looking to expand their reach.

For those of you who like mellow rock, and men with voices that would be classified as "high" on a pitch scale will love this in-store. You will hear catchy guitar riffs, steadying drums, and occasional melodic "oohs". This is sure to be a quality performance so make sure you come by and get one of these 7"s while they are still in stock!!

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