Saturday, October 15, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Capsula @ 7pm

Capsula is coming to us from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Influenced by 60's South American psychedelic rock, they have a pure, guitar driven rock sound that is sure to be really great live. They have been described as animals on stage, so it will definitely be a sight to see when they come into our small loft space. Who knows what will happen?! According to the band, they sound like mars, a karate fight, and kitten ears. Come in to have your ears tingle to their core.

The band's newest release "In the Land of Silver Souls" is out on BCore Disc, a Spanish label. This album is full of really dynamic songs of spiraling psychedelia, fiery punk rock, guitar heavy jam sessions, and yelling vocals. Make sure you come in to see this in-store, because it is sure to knock you off your feet. And while your at it you can pick up their new record!

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