Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TONIGHT!! Wreck of the Zephyr and The Fling In-Store!!

Here are 5 facts about Wreck of the Zephyr:

1. They've fallen victim of frog kidnapping.
2. Hot dogs were once a large part of their lives.
3. Between the 3 of them, they own 87 Dinosaur Jr. albums.
4. At least one of them will do almost anything for an ice cream sundae.
5. Not one of them can resist dancing to The Modern Lovers. (But really, who can?)

Wreck Of The Zephyr - Triangle Fire _ Live at the HobbyShop from Hobby Shop on Vimeo.

Oh.. right.. the music.. Inspired by east coast punk, Wreck of the Zephyr also channels any number of SST bands from the Minutemen to the Meat Puppets to Husker Du. Chaotic but folky, these dudes don't give your ear drums a break. From the break neck pace of Dave's drumming, to Wolf's intricate guitar playing, anchored by Eric's pounding bass, these dudes will certainly wet your whistle. They'll also bring their new limited edition album, For Helen. The record covers are handmade books! Can you believe it??

Next up is the Fling! Drawing inspiration"from an eclectic mix of folk, rock, pop and psychedelic music", this band is sure to knock your socks off. They're celebrating the upcoming release of their EP, What I've Seen so stick around for some nostalgia and great indie rock tunes.
It all starts at 7 pm so eat your dinner, put on your jacket and come out for a night of of wonderful music and wonderful gentlemen. 

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