Thursday, October 20, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Hello Electric & Steaming Satellites @ 5pm

TONIGHT! Hello Electric is coming in from Portland to share their musical styling with our OV audience. Kirk Ohnstad started Hello Electric in college producing jams entirely on hardware and an eight track digital recorder. Kirk then expanded to include members Zachary and Henry to create a multi-instrumental sound. They are known for their dynamic, dark live show, so you will regret coming in to see this live in-store!

Hello Electric's songs make us feel like we are deep in a dream. This record is characterized by dark beats, heavy synth, and charging vocals. It is a must listen, and you will wish you had been here if you miss this in-store. Beware, the video below is slightly NSFW. The band's new EP "Dead Champ" is being released on Spaceman USA and will be available for you to purchase!

This band is coming in all the way from Austria to share their tunes with us! They are on tour right now with Hello Electric. This show will be a great start to your night starting at 5 pm!!

You wanted more synth? Well Hello Electric's buddies, Steaming Satellites will provide it for you. Lots of catchy lyrics, and bouncing melodies in this release titled "The Mustache Mozart Affaire." Check out the video and song below and make sure to buy one of their rekkids when you come to the store!

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