Friday, October 7, 2011

Culture Collide Day 2 w/ Hooray For Earth, Guineafowl, and Writer!

It's Day 2 of Filter's Culture Collide Fest and the Origami Vinyl stage will be hosting some stellar music!

First up to bat is Hooray For Earth @ 3pm. An extremely refreshing band out of Brooklyn, NY, showcases a mixture of sporadic electronic rhythms that take cues from EDM and psych and blend them with major-chord pop hooks that seem meant for the arena. Today they take their sound and strip it down to its bare minimum essentials to give Origami-ists a rare glimpse into the talent this band occupies when not playing on 11. We guarantee it's gonna be awesome!

The band plays a full on plugged in set TONIGHT at The Echo with Cymbals Eat Guitars. Make sure to pick up tickets to see them here as well!

Check out their video for "True Loves" and pick up their latest LP by the same name here at OV!

Second up is Guineafowl from Sydney, Australia @ 6pm! This indietronic, pop-rockin' band is already being described as the must-see up-and-coming band of the fest. They've recently signed to local indie powerhouse label, Dangerbird Records. Check out the hooks for their video of the song Botanist

Hitting the stage at 7pm is a longtime OV fave, Writer from San Diego!!! The brothers Ralph just recently wrapped up an awesome residency at The Echo last month and we are psyched to have them grace to loft again! Their hooks and harmonies are extremely infectious and sing-a-longs have been known to happen at shows. If you are free, this is a band that we think you must see!

Check out their video for Miss Mermaid and pick up their brand new 7" here!

"Miss Mermaid" by Writer from Erin Lee Smith on Vimeo.

As always our shows are free and all ages. Come by and give us a HIGH FIVE too!

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