Saturday, October 8, 2011

Culture Collide Day 3 w/ Ginga, The Lanskies, and The Go Round!

You will not be disappointed by our final set of performances in support of Culture Collide Fest!

Ginga will be starting off in our loft at 5 pm! Coming to you from Austria, this 4-man band will be sharing their pop, folk-rock sound with us. Their songs are nicely arranged with strong vocal harmonies and melancholy melodies. Curious to see if they will bring their stuffed animals and manikin heads with them...regardless, we are really excited to see this band in full force!

Second to the OV loft is The Lanskies @ 6pm! This guitar-rock band, with influences from British beat music, is a must see for the fest. They are getting a lot of recognition in being compared to fellow Frenchies, Phoenix. This take away session from Blogotheque gets us super pumped to see this French band perform. Make sure you stop by to hear this performance, we promise it won't disappoint.

The Go Round will take us into the end @ 7pm. Brooklyn based songwriters came together from completely random walks of life to form a band that seems to be right in many ways. They have created a folk/country vibe with the help of newest members on drums and violin. They have a great sound that is amplified by their presence on stage.

Lonesome Blues by the Go Round from Jordan BRUNER on Vimeo.

Make sure to come by and celebrate the end of our contribution to Culture Collide with us! Provide your presence and we will provide high fives.

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