Friday, October 7, 2011

Just Added to Day 2 of Culture Collide Fest: Paula i Karol @ 5pm, Stephen Brower & the Silent Majority @ 8pm!

Guess what?! We just added some more super sweet bands to the line up today. For you lucky people who got to see Hooray for Earth...wasn't that awesome? Still coming in at 6 pm is Guineafowl and at 7 pm come see Writers (see below for more information about those bands). But get excited because we just added two more bands to today's lineup: Paula i Karol is coming in at 5 pm, and Stephen Brower & the Silent Majority is on at 8 pm!!

Paula i Karol are creating a lot of hype in the Polish music scene. They have an acoustic indie-folk vibe that is just too cute. No, I'm serious. Look at this video, they make you want to smile with them. Come in and get happy with us at 5 pm!

Stephen Brower & the Silent Majority created a lot of buzz with their home recording and small 7" releases, and have finally released their debut album "sb/sm". They will sure blow you away with what they describe as a "stoner-punk-folk-metal assault." Make sure you come by at 8pm and check out their awesome sound!

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