Sunday, October 9, 2011

Matt Picks!

Never did I think I'd see the day that our cantankerous Colossus would show his softer side. But, then again, never did I think I'd see the day that I'd meet someone who was almost 3 feet taller than me. Wonders never cease.

Charles Bradley- No Time For Dreaming
Is it a throwback when a label like Dap-Tone does what it does? I'm not sure. I think they're just trying to keep the particular styles of music they like relevant in today's ADD, mp3, blogger heavy environment. One of their recent additions to their roster is Charles Bradley. A soul singer, who's style is more in tune with early seventies STAX, than say, Sharon Jones' late 60's style. I would even compare him to Willie Hutch. He has that raspy, almost quivering voice that lends itself well to songs about love, lust, and sorrow. I can listen to this record when I meet a new gal that I like. I can listen
to this record when I want to do certain things to said gal. And then I can listen to this album when that same gal breaks my heart. And isn't that what soul music is for? To hit you in the heart as well as the loins? To make you want to get it on, as much as it can make you want to cry? Charles Bradley is a master at this. And I think I've shared way to much information about myself.

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