Monday, October 10, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Radical Face @ 7pm

What a treat! Radical Face will be coming in at 7pm to our loft space!
Ben Cooper is a 24 year old based out of Florida, who goes under the moniker Radical Face because he "thought it was kinda funny." You may also know him from some of his other bands, Electric President, Iron Orchestra, and Mother's Basement. He actually works out of his mother's basement...just kidding, we don't know that. But man this guy is talented! He just came out with his new album "The Family Tree: The Roots".

This album is a series of records set to release about a fictional family named the Northcotes. This album has traditional sounding roots, mainly since it is about the first two generations of this family from the 1800s. This record is very melodic sounding, with soft vocals, guitar, piano, banjo, and strings all arranged by the one-man band. This record is dedicated to story telling in the best way possible...through music! Make sure you pick up this record when you come in to see Ben do his thing!

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