Sunday, October 23, 2011

Do you love Halloween as much as we do?

Here's a little known fact about at least 2 of the Origami employees: we're fairly obsessed with all things scary. We're not talking "your racist grandma" scary, we're talking ghost in the attic scary! Ghost stories, legends, haunted houses - you name it, we love it. So in honor of our (maybe I should speak for myself on this one..) favorite holiday, we decided to pick out our favorite spine-chilling records that we have in stock. Y'know.. to get you in the mood. We'll be posting these all week so check back. I might even post a good ghost story or two. And of course, come down to the store and buy 'em right off the wall!

Thee Cormans - Halloween Record w/Sound Effects

The Cramps - Smell Of Female

The Best of Oingo Boingo - Skeletons In The Closet

Stay tuned for MORE tomorrow! 

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