Friday, October 28, 2011

JUST ANNOUNCED!! Youth Lagoon In-Store on 11/2

Twenty-two year old, Trevor Powers, seems to be an overnight sensation. With the release of his album "The Year of Hibernation", he has been getting a lot of hype from all the blogs around. He has even already sold out his show coming up at the Echo. This kid is going places! In fact, he dropped out of school, quit his job at Urban Outfitters, and launched his first U.S. tour. Trevor says that the record is really like his own journal for people to see inside of his head. Just a kid dealing with heartache, and the anxiety of getting older. This in-store is going to be so awesome.
"The Year of Hibernation" sounds sweet and innocent at first glance, but really has some haunting turns with dark lyrics. You can feel this kid's passion through the songs of this record. Trevor really knows how to compose some beautiful ballads. And his voice is pretty melodic. This record will chill you to your core. Make sure you come in for this in-store and buy this record. Trevor Powers is on his way to stardom.

Cannons by Youth Lagoon

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