Tuesday, November 12, 2013

TODAY: Mood Rings In-Store @ 2PM!

OK, things are getting a little weird here at Origami. We've got another daytime in-store for you today at 2PM, courtesy of Mood Rings! (Is this a new trend?)

Hailing from the ATL, this dream-pop quintet is the perfect aural accompaniment for a lazy day in L.A, with plenty of gauzy guitars and whispered vocals to float your lunch break away on. Praised by Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, their dreamy sound calls to mind Felt or the more blissed-out areas of the C-86 movement, drifting between pop categories with ease and precision. Touring in support of their lauded 2013 album VPI Harmony, Mood Rings will be stopping by our loft today at 2PM before opening for Cults at the El Rey. We expect to see big things from these guys in the future, so catch 'em now in as intimate as a place can be: Origami Vinyl!

If you need a dose of dreaminess to get you in the mood for today's performance, give a listen to single "Pathos y Lagrimas" off of VPI Harmony below and we'll see you here at 2PM!

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