Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You a CAN fan, man?

Calling all Can fans: All those late nights lying awake in bed, holding back tears as you think, "what I wouldn't do to have the Can catalogue remastered and pressed on 180g vinyl ..." are OVER!

Yup, Mut Records is releasing a Can 17-piece vinyl box set, which features 13 of the band's classic albums, all with individual album artwork in its original form.  Also, this box set comes with a 20-page 12" booklet featuring unseen photographs from the Can archive and more.

For a VERY limited time, Origami Vinyl is offering you the opportunity to pre-order this Can box set for $550 + shipping.  Because it is such a large item (17-pieces!), this is ONLINE ONLY and will NOT be available in the shop!!!

-Monster Movie
-Tago Mago (over two vinyl)
-Ege Bamyasi
-Future Days
-Soon Over Babaluma
-Unlimited Edition (over two vinyl)
-Flow Motion
-Saw Delight
-Rite Time
-Out Of Reach
-Can Live, Sussex University 1975

Again, this item is ONLINE ONLY and will be available to order for a very limited time.  If you are a serious Can fan, you don't want to miss this chance to order this box set on wax!  GET IT HERE!

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