Friday, November 1, 2013

TONIGHT: World War I's In-Store @ 7PM!

To combat the Halloween hangover and boatloads of candy we ate last night, we've got a rad in-store tonight with The World War I's (pronounced 'ones')! Catch em play the shop tonight at 7pm before they head back to the east coast.

World War I's are a Gowanus based power duo that's ready to punch you in the face with high energy garage rock! Their new record, Los Cosmonauts showcases The World War I's ability to combine "the song structure of 60's pop with the noise of 70's garage and the sweet looks of a 90's boy band." In other words, it's a combo that can't fail.

Check out this Rollo & Grady session and strap up to see the live show TONIGHT at 7pm!

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