Friday, November 15, 2013

TONIGHT: The So So Glos In-Store @ 7PM!

Prepare to get crazy! Tonight we have The So So Glos performing in our loft at 7PM!

For as calm, cool and collected as us Origami-ers are, lord knows we love to get rowdy when the moment comes. The So So Glos provide this moment and more. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY this punk quartet imbues the heady days of California pop-punk with a liberal dose of Clash-era snot nosed rock, creating a sound that is as frenetic as it is ear-worming. Bursting onto the scene in 2007, their self-titled debut album breathed life into an oftentimes rehashed scene, providing a fresh mix of punk standards and pop sensibilities that won that a dedicated legion of fans and critical praise. Now 6 years in, The So So Glos are a veteran act in age only, bringing their youthful energy and musical chops wherever they go. We're absolutely elated to have them in our loft tonight at 7PM and we hope to see you here! We won't sweat on you too hard, promise.

Need a jolt of energy? Give a listen to their 2013 single "Lost Weekend" below and we'll see you here at 7!

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