Friday, November 29, 2013

TONIGHT: Kan Wakan In-Store @ 7PM!

Tonight we have Kan Wakan performing in our loft at 7PM! This Los Angeles group got together in Silverlake in 2012 as they collectively wanted "to fuse classical minimalism and experimental soul within a more accessible sonic environment." Needless to say, their efforts have become a success and their new EP, Forever Found  has gotten nothing but positive reviews. Now they're busy getting ready to release their debut album, but were nice enough to stop by to share  their mesmerizing music with us. So come hang out by tonight for a night of hypnotizing and captivating, post-rock and orchestral-music!

If you want a quick (well, not very quick) preview of their sound, give a listen to Forever Found single "Midnight Moon" below. See you tonight!

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