Thursday, November 21, 2013

TONIGHT: Bent Shapes @ 6PM! CORRECTION! At 6pm NOT 7pm

Tonight we have Bent Shapes performing in our loft at 6PM! (CORRECTION: an earlier post said 7pm, but they will play at 6pm!)

Formerly known as Girlfriends, this east coast trio kicked around their local Boston scene for a while, picking up a strong reputation for angular pop hooks and merciless live shows before reforming as Bent Shapes earlier this year. Looking to cement their status as a band, they compiled their various singles into an LP called Cull Shorts and then released their latest album Feels Weird in August this year. Chock full of deft songcraft and proto-punk hooks, Feels Weird tiptoes as it swaggers, calling to mind the Feelies or a C-86 band gone garage. It almost begs you to try and read the lyrics as you go in for another round of dancing. We at Origami can't get enough and are looking forward to sharing it with you in our loft right at 6PM!

So grab your favorite dancing shoes and meet us tonight at Origami for a night of good music. Want to get your dance on early? Give a listen to mid-tempo tune "Panel of Experts" below and get those legs warm! See you at 7!

P.S: I couldn't find a place to make this reference earlier, but the preferred method of dancing to Bent Shapes resembles the moves of the kid in the orange shirt from A Very Charlie Brown Christmas. Obscure reference?  Click Here. It's perfect right?

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