Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TODAY: The Parson Red Heads In-Store @ 2PM!

Now I know this might sound weird but today (not tonight I swear) we have The Parson Red Heads performing in our loft at 2PM!

Why the daytime? Well, if you give a listen to any of The Parson Red Heads music, you'll see their music is made for sunshine. Featuring warm guitars and vocal harmonies, their music was practically designed for afternoons playing wiffle ball in the park. And wouldn't you know it? The Parson Red Heads are big wiffle ball fans themselves. Touring in support of their new record Orb Weaver, we are stoked to present their new music in a special daytime performance today at 2PM!

So tell your boss your taking a long lunch, grab some friends and come on down to Origami for a charming performance by The Parson Red Heads. You'll leave with a smile. Get an intimate look into the band's studio sessions in the video for their song "Times" below. See you this afternoon!

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